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Our environmental planning services are invaluable to clients operating in a broad range of industries, including pipeline construction, oil and gas, and commercial or mixed-use development, just to name a few. If your organization needs planning and compliance support for a major development project, Lord & Winter is up to the task.


Our environmental permitting practice helps clients meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act and the National Environmental Policy Act. Lord & Winter scientists hold advanced certifications in wetland delineation and mitigation, stream hydrologic assessment, and endangered species assessment. We leverage close relationships with the US Corps of Engineers and state water quality agencies to facilitate the earliest possible issuance of permits. Example projects include Section 404, Section 10, Section 408, and Section 401 permitting for natural gas pipelines, marine terminals, and large-scale developments.
Compliance and field Research


Our environmental compliance practice helps clients meet requirements under RCRA, OPA-90, TSCA, EPCRA, and state AST and UST Programs.  Our experienced staff holds the Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) credential and has experience in waste characterization, solid waste management, environmental audits, spill prevention planning, emergency response, and facility response planning.  Example projects include EPCRA Reporting, Environmental compliance auditing, and SPCC Planning at upstream oil facilities, bulk oil storage and transportation terminals, and manufacturing facilities.


Our environmental remediation practice helps clients clean and redevelop contaminated industrial sites under CERCLA and brownfield remediation programs. Our staff has deep expertise in chemical fate and transport, human & ecological risk assessment, and value-driven remedial action for brownfield challenges. As a result, we have facilitated remediation and redevelopment for private, state, and federally funded projects throughout the United States. Example projects include CERCLA Remedial Action Completion, state brownfield remediation program completion, and in-situ chemical treatment at former mining, dry cleaners, mixed radioactive waste sites for subsurface mining companies, hotel developers, and the US Department of Defense.
Environmental Planning

Environmental Professionals

At Lord & Winter, our dedicated environmental professionals provide our partners with accurate Environmental Site Assessments with the fastest turnaround times possible.

We refuse to sacrifice quality for speed, but we also understand the needs of our partners, who may need expedited service to meet tight deadlines.

Each member of our evaluation staff possesses a masters-level degree in their chosen field, including engineering, geology, and biology. With this education backing us, you can rest assured that an industry expert familiar with the science and the legal requirements will complete and compile your assessment.

More than anything, the staff at Lord & Winter focuses on providing our partners with the highest levels of customer service. We enjoy building relationships with our customers, getting to know their needs, and understanding their properties. The depth of our understanding of our client’s needs ensures everyone’s goals are aligned and allows us to provide the fastest, most accurate service possible.